Education Partnerships Group

We know that school improvement is not sustainable if it is attempted in isolation. So we work with a range of partners on initiatives that work to improve education systems. We work to help ensure that children across the world have access to high quality, inspirational education. You can find out more about how the Education Partnerships Group (EPG) works here


In 2015 Ark set up a new primary school in India. The school, in New Delhi, is the first that has been set up and operated outside the UK. We are working with Dhanpatamal Virmani Education Trust (DVET) to implement the program in partnership with South Delhi Municipal Corporation to create a network of fee-free, high quality primary schools. Our aim is to support 20 high-performing schools in India by 2020

EPG is supporting the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) in South Africa in piloting a new model of school in the public education system based on the UK academy policy. The goal of the “Collaboration Schools” pilot programme is to address the challenge of ensuring lower income communities have access to the same quality of teaching and learning as those from more affluent backgrounds.

We are currently piloting a programme in Uganda and India that will help inform a business plan to scale up the use of School Information Systems (SIS). Our vision is to help schools in less developed countries improve student learning outcomes by using data more effectively.