Schools in development

Ark has 38 schools in its network as of September 2018, including an increasing number of primary schools.

The following schools are currently in development:

  • Ark Pioneer, Barnet (2019)

Ark Pioneer Academy is a secondary school being developed on the former Underhill Stadium site, which was the home of Barnet FC until the team relocated in 2013. The school will be non-denominational and non-selective, serving the local community. Designs for the school have been developed alongside an expert architectural and construction team, and we look forward to developing a brilliant school that the local community will be proud of. To find out more about the school, please visit our website:

  • Ark Blake, Croydon (2020)

Also expanding Ark’s South London cluster of schools will be Ark Blake Academy, a secondary school located a few hundred metres from Ark Oval in Croydon. Croydon Council has identified a significant need for secondary places in the coming years and Ark Blake Academy will provide six additional forms of entry to answer this need. The school will work closely with Ark Oval. 

  • Ark Soane, Ealing (2020)

Ark Soane Academy is a new six-form entry secondary school and sixth form which is due to open on the site of Acton College, Ealing. The site will be home to residential blocks and the school. The design process for the school has begun and will be working with architects to create a wonderful new building, which will open in 2020. A planning application for Phase One has recently been approved, and the Phase Two application will be considered this summer.

The London Borough of Ealing has a significant need for new, high-quality secondary school places. This is particularly true in Ealing and Acton, from where the new school will draw its students. Ark Soane Academy will join our wider West London cluster of schools with close links to Ark Priory Primary Academy and Ark Byron Primary Academy, both of which are located in Acton. It will of course also have links with other local schools.