Our approach

High impact

We focus on the areas where we can make the biggest improvements to children's lives, and we invest our donors' money in the most effective ways possible. We only use proven methodologies and the most rigorous research. Ultimately, we're completely focused on results, and will only start working on those programmes where we know we can make a difference.

Lasting change

We don't want our programmes to rely on philanthropy forever - but we do want them to create lasting change. So we make sure our projects can become independent and sustainable, using government funding or trade revenues either immediately or in future. Once the programme has enough funding from elsewhere, we can make our philanthropic exit. However, we never rush towards the exit - we'd rather keep making philanthropic donations for longer than planned than put our results at risk.

Measurable social returns

We start every programme with an evidence-based plan of action, which we then test and refine. We don't just aim to measure our impact, but also to share our experience with governments and other not-for-profit organisations. This way we can achieve more positive change for children.


We find new solutions to challenging problems. We base our innovative approaches on the vast evidence generated by our peers and partners.