Ark Schools Coronavirus Appeal

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to cause disruption to everyone’s way of life. The closure of schools and the continuing challenges posed by the pandemic has hit many of our students hard. Our schools are working tirelessly so no child suffers as a result of the disruption - and to give those in most need particular support. 

To do so requires concerted and sustained effort to build the resilience of students, their families, and their schools. To address the needs of our students we are:

  • Training additional teachers to give our students more intense 1:1 catch-up tutoring.
  • Offering specialist mental health provision to help at-risk pupils take vital early steps to recovery.
  • Distributing over 10,000 laptops and online learning resources to ensure that every student can access their entitlement to education, regardless of where they are learning from.
  • Providing teachers with the tools and resources they need to identify learning gaps and deliver the most effective lessons, with a focus on maths and English.

This is all work that requires funding over and above normal school budgets. Thanks to the generosity of many of our supporters, we have raised a significant amount which has allowed us to make a start. But there is more we need to do.

The challenges over the coming months will continue to be significant – and our core mission to provide educational opportunities to all, whatever their background, has never been more important. If you can, please support our Coronavirus Appeal.