Ark Schools Coronavirus Appeal

The pandemic has exposed problems that already existed in education – the digital divide, the academic attainment gap and the importance of a stable and secure home learning environment. Addressing these challenges has always been the focus of Ark’s work. The continuing fallout of the pandemic makes our job harder.

Our focus now is on supporting our students recover from the disruption they have faced and preventing longer-lasting damage to their future opportunities. To achieve this, we are:

  • Training additional teachers to give our students more intense 1:1 tutoring and make up for the time they have been out of school.
  • Expanding mental health support through additional days of art and play therapy and more counselling sessions.
  • Training teachers in mental health first aid, emotional literacy training and trauma informed training to ensure they can support the most affected students.
  • Providing teachers with the tools and resources they need to identify gaps in student learning and deliver the most effective lessons, with a focus on maths and English.

The challenges over the coming months will continue to be significant – and our core mission to provide educational opportunities to all, whatever their background, has never been more important.

If you are able to, please consider supporting our Covid-19 response work which will allow us to continue to meet the ongoing needs of our students and schools.