UK programmes

Ark aims to give every child a great education, and often this means working beyond our own schools to truly transform the way something is done. In partnership with others, we create, incubate and launch a number of education-focused mission-aligned initiatives, which aim to eventually become sustainable and independent from Ark.

These innovative ventures address some of the most intractable issues in education and society. Within our current portfolio Mathematics Mastery aims to transform mathematics education in the UK, Now Teach is here to address teacher shortages by recruiting career changers to become outstanding teachers and Assembly aims to make it easier for schools to use, collect and analyse their data.

Ark supports new ventures by providing strategic guidance, an environment to collaborate with similar organisations, and operational support to help them rapidly grow and become sustainable.


Assembly is a non-profit venture which was launched in autumn 2015 by Ark and the NEON Foundation. It aims to bring education information management into the 21st century by making it easier for schools to make use of their data.

EdCity is a ground-breaking non-profit project to create an innovative education hub, where organisations with a shared mission will collaborate to improve education standards in the local community, London and beyond.

Our mission is to transform mathematics education in the UK. We work in partnership to empower and equip schools to deliver world-class mathematics teaching.

Mathematics Mastery is a professional development programme for teachers. We work in partnership with schools to embed a mastery approach to mathematics teaching, aiming to improve pupils’ understanding, enjoyment and attainment in mathematics.

The programme was launched in 2012 and has been adopted in 366 schools, reaching 97,000 pupils.

One of the biggest problems facing secondary schools is the shortage of maths and science teachers. At the same time, there is a colossal waste of talent as people who are reaching the end of one successful career want to do something meaningful.

Now Teach was set up in 2016  to encourage high-flyers to retrain as teachers. These people will start a movement of senior professionals redeploying their skills in the classroom and teaching the children who need it most. Now Teach exists to find them and help them become formidable teachers.