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Our approach

While each Ark school has a unique ethos and character, they all subscribe to the same set of core principles to ensure that our students receive a strong education that sets them up for future success. Underpinning all we do is our commitment to working together as ‘One Ark’ so that all our pupils have the support of the whole network as they strive to realise their ambitions.
Students at Ark Bentworth Primary Academy in west London

High expectations

We believe that every child can achieve great things. Our aspirations are no lower for our most vulnerable pupils.

Excellent teaching

A teacher affects a pupil’s achievement more than any other factor. We prioritise teacher development, supporting them with training and progression so that they can deliver excellent teaching.

Knowing every child

Every child knows, and is known well by, the adults in the school. We also involve families in all aspects of school life.

Depth for breadth

We prioritise mastery in every subject so students’ learning is deep across the curriculum range.

Exemplary behaviour

Our schools are characterised by a respectful environment, where teachers can focus on teaching and pupils can focus on learning.

Always learning

Learning is at the heart of what we do and what we invest in – for all. Our teachers are professionally curious and our children have access to a rich academic curriculum and a diverse range of experiences.

Pupils at Ark White City Primary practise their handwriting.

The Ark Model

Ark’s Education Model seeks to ensure that all children within our schools benefit from the same high-quality education. It sets out our approach and supports schools to achieve excellence in all areas. Drawing on the best expertise in our network, the model names the prerequisites and enabling factors for success, and provides carefully sequenced guidance and resources to help leaders to plot their own school improvement journey.

Find out more about some of the components that make up the Ark Model below.