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Volunteers inspire and support Ark students and alumni by providing practical support and guidance as they take their steps into further education and employment.

Give your time and expertise

We want to create mutually beneficial volunteering partnership programmes. We will work with you to create a programme of opportunities to inspire your employees, and regular communication and reporting so they understand the positive impact they are having on young people.

Students at the Salesforce offices in central London

Working with Ark has transformed how we volunteer. I think there are people who have changed their entire careers based on it.

Alastair Higginbottom Senior Manager in Product Incubation and Design Ops at Salesforce

Whether it is giving an hour a week at a local school, or providing expertise to help Ark to tackle a thorny educational challenge, volunteers get a chance to support their local communities and develop their professional skills.

We are experienced in working with partners to shape bespoke volunteering programmes that align to your CSR objectives. We can also help your talent team to find creative ways to connect with the future workforce that our students represent.

Right now I’m mentoring five young people with Ark. The feeling I get from it is amazing. You know you might change someone’s outlook, someone’s life, in a positive way. That’s hugely rewarding. It makes you feel incredible to be able to help someone on their way.

Cat Agostinho Co-Founder, Imagen Insights

Corporate engagement

To find out more about volunteering and corporate engagement opportunities, please contact us.

Become a school governor

Want to get more involved and work from inside schools to make a difference? Find out about becoming a governor of an Ark school.