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Children who attend Ark schools should expect to be able to read at or above their chronological age – it is their entitlement and our responsibility.
Reading time in the library at Ark Bentworth

Reading is a source of knowledge and agency. All children should have equitable access to the benefits and pleasure of being able to read well, and the opportunities that it provides in their lives.

We aim to rapidly close the provision gap to enable all pupils to read at or above their chronological age. While we’ve made good progress in this, there are still too many children who are not able to access the curriculum and are in danger of falling further behind.

We address this by building teacher and leader expertise in reading across our schools, deploying interventions which rapidly improve reading, and ensuring that across the curriculum and beyond, students get ample reading practice to build fluency. Carefully selected and skillfully enacted strategies support all students to access well-chosen and engaging texts, and thus establish a culture which places reading at the heart of the provision.

On average, students in Years 2 to 10 make 16.1 months of reading progress in 9.2 months

By embracing reading strategies and choosing texts with strong cultural capital you can improve student’s life chances. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a good reader or a not so good reader, we have embraced a culture of making everybody better readers.

Alison Downey Principal, Ark Putney Academy