Our mission is to transform mathematics education in the UK. We work in partnership to empower and equip schools to deliver world-class mathematics teaching.

Mathematics Mastery is a professional development programme for teachers. We work in partnership with schools to embed a mastery approach to mathematics teaching, aiming to improve pupils’ understanding, enjoyment and attainment in mathematics.

The programme was launched in 2012 and has been adopted in 366 schools, reaching 97,000 pupils.


Committed to making maths fun and relevant

Mathematics Mastery’s innovative approach helps teachers deliver outstanding maths lessons. A study by the Education Endowment Foundation found that the programme demonstrated a positive effect on pupil attainment after only one year.

Mathematics Mastery is based on the best of existing practice from schools in the UK and all over the world, which have been brought together to create this new approach. The programme’s principles include high expectations for every child, ‘depth before breadth’, and a focus on problem-solving and conceptual understanding. With this, Mathematics Mastery believes that every student can reach their true potential, and enjoy and succeed in maths.

Since the programme’s launch in 2012 it has been adopted in 265 schools and has reached 48,000 pupils.

Headteachers have found that the Mathematics Mastery programme has enabled the lowest-performing children to comfortably reach the expected standard for their age group, and in some schools pupils have achieved more than double expected progress.

We asked some of the teachers who have been using Mathematics Mastery to tell us about their experiences of the programme.

Lyndsey Gale, a maths teacher at New King’s Primary School:

“My pupils show a genuine understanding of maths now”

Lyndsey taught the new approach to Year 1 students in its pioneer year and saw dramatic improvements. By the summer term, most students had moved up three to four sub levels, more than double the expected progress for that year.

“Maths Mastery arrived at a time when our maths needed developing. Scores in key stage 1 were low and something needed to be put in place to improve children’s understanding.”

“At first I questioned how it would benefit all the children in the class. Would it improve the more able for example? But I soon realised that it does, it just encourages you – as the teacher – to think more creatively.”

“The change in results has been amazing, but it’s the children’s confidence that has really improved. You can tell by the way they explain number patterns that they understand what they are seeing. I’ve noticed with Maths Mastery that the key is not knowing the answer, but knowing how you got to the answer. It shows a genuine understanding.”

Farhana Nazu, a maths teacher at Grazebrook Primary School:

“I don’t think there is one child in my class that does not enjoy maths”

“For me, Maths Mastery is all about having knowledge at your fingertips. The way we teach maths now means children have to really understand something before they can move on. They know the answer because they understand how to work it out; it’s not taken from memory.”

“They pick up new concepts so quickly now. When we introduced time, they just got it – because of such a strong understanding of numbers. It’s amazing to see them apply this to so many different things."

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