One of the biggest problems facing secondary schools is the shortage of maths and science teachers. At the same time, there is a colossal waste of talent as people who are reaching the end of one successful career want to do something meaningful.

Now Teach was set up in 2016  to encourage high-flyers to retrain as teachers. These people will start a movement of senior professionals redeploying their skills in the classroom and teaching the children who need it most. Now Teach exists to find them and help them become formidable teachers.

The Now Teach programme will help people who’ve already had a successful career become great teachers. We’ll be here to talk to you about whether the programme is right for you, and guide you through the application process. Our course is the only one designed solely for career changers. You’ll work four days a week – three and a half days in school and half a day in training. The course is school-based (teaching from the start means you will earn straight away) and delivered by the Ark Teacher Training programme, with an additional layer of support from Now Teach. This means that we will be there to give further support when going gets tough. We want you to make the greatest difference possible to the schools which need it most.