Coronavirus update: 19 March

In line with the Government’s announcement, all of our schools will close at the end of their school day on Friday March 20th and remain closed until further notice.

We have followed Government and NHS advice over the last weeks. The Principals and staff across all of our 37 schools have worked incredibly hard to keep our schools open until now with just a small number of partial year group closures this week.

As part of its announcement about schools, the Government also said that;

  • Exams will not take place in May and June
  • Schools will be open to help support the children of key workers and for vulnerable students
  • Provision for food will be made for students who qualify for Free School Meals

We expect further details on how this will be implemented and we will liaise closely with the Department for Education in the coming days to make sure that we support our key worker parents and vulnerable students in any way we can.

Our other key aim is to maintain as much stability for the students’ education as possible and we have been planning for this eventuality. Whilst it is not possible to fully replicate the educational experience at home, we have been working hard to put in place contingency plans so students can still access work and teachers are able to support their learning.

This is an unsettling and disruptive time for everyone, and we are working to help schools and communities through these incredibly challenges times.

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