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Sophie Bell
Friday 30th June 2023

Sophie Bell, Assistant Principal for Teaching and Learning at Ark John Keats in Enfield never imagined she would become a teacher.

Ark Music Gala Barbican Centre
Tuesday 30th May 2023

We have designed our Ark Music programme to provide students with a comprehensive musical education, incorporating two distinct strands of activities:

Judith Hunt
Wednesday 24th May 2023

Judith Hunt worked in the public sector for years before shifting to education. She shares some of her journey and why she loves working as Operations Director at Ark Victoria. Judith's story is part of our #ArkPeople series.
I'm originally from Preston, but our family moved to Birmingham when I was a teenager. My generation wasn't encouraged to do A levels or to attend university. Most of us finished school at 16 and got a job.

Ryan Critchlow
Monday 24th April 2023

Ryan Critchlow has 20 years of teaching experience and has been at Ark John Archer for nearly seven years. Being a maths teacher was not part of his life plan, but he's developed a real passion for it and has been encouraged to develop his skills in ways he never expected. His story is part of our #ArkPeople series.

Tuesday 18th April 2023

Our schools play a crucial role in shaping the lives and futures of young people. However, in recent years, many schools have faced significant financial challenges. The pandemic has only exacerbated these difficulties, with schools having to invest in additional measures to ensure the safety and well-being of their students. Therefore, it's become more critical than ever for schools to engage in fundraising efforts to support their students and maintain the quality of education they provide.

Thursday 30th March 2023

Amelia Watt, a Year 1 teacher and Inclusion Lead at Ark John Archer Primary, has always been interested in children’s development. She reflects on the impact of the lockdown on children, how the school helped children recover, and their focus on reading. Amelia’s story is part of our #ArkPeople series.

International Womens Day
Wednesday 8th March 2023

As the world celebrates Women's History Month and International Women's Day 2023, it's important to reflect on women's strides towards gender equality and acknowledge the work that still needs to be done. We spoke with some fantastic women working across the Ark network who shared their inspirations, stories and reflections on the role of women in their life and what this day means to them.

Hannah Schofield-Newton
Friday 3rd March 2023

Hannah Schofield-Newton is a Year 2 class teacher and part of the senior leadership team at Ark Atwood Primary. We spoke to her about her work as the Network Lead for Early Reading and why it’s essential for children to foster a love of reading from an early age. Hannah’s story is part of our #ArkPeople series.

Wednesday 1st March 2023

Laura Stone is Vice Principal for Culture and Ethos at Ark Putney. She also worked in Ark's Central team before returning to the classroom. Here, she shares her experiences working in different positions across the network. Laura's story is part of our #ArkPeople series.
From the classroom to the office

Girls on Track
Friday 10th February 2023

We're celebrating International Day of Girls and Women in Science by looking at the work Ark is doing to broaden the horizons and raise the aspirations of young girls to develop a passion for the sciences.
This blog comes from Erika Nabeshima, Project Lead for Primary Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance.