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News13th February 2017

15-year-old Ark Evelyn Grace Academy student publishes book

Micah Dolphy, student at Ark Evelyn Grace Academy in Brixton, London, has released her first book, Poetic Surds. The collection of poems was written in tribute of Micah’s late father.

To celebrate the success of Poetic Surds, Ark Evelyn Grace was chosen by Micah to host a special book launch on Wednesday 8 February 2017. The book launch was well attended by Micah’s family, friends, school and local community.

Devon Hanson, Principal at Ark Evelyn Grace said: “As a school we are extremely proud of Micah. She has utilised every opportunity on offer here within the school and produced a piece of literature that encourages, inspires and can be enjoyed by all. I remember the first time she asked me to read her work – I said, “Micah you have a real talent here! Keep writing”. Micah shares her writing often with myself and other members of staff and we have encouraged her every step of the way. We wish her all the very best.”

Micah is currently Conscious Dreams Publishing’s youngest author. Daniella Blechner, Founder, met Micah through an introduction from mentoring charity Urban Synergy. She said, “I came in and met with Micah and another student. They read me their poetry and asked questions about what it was like to be an author and have my own publishing company. A few months later, Micah got in contact with us and said, “I am ready to publish my book”. She had written over 100 poems in honour of her late father.

“Micah has been amazing to work with. She is a young lady who knows her own mind and stays true to her creative vision. Poetic Surds is a collection of poems focusing on topics such as mental health, loss, grief, spirituality, female empowerment, self-worth and nature. She is testament to the fact that no matter the age, old or young, we can fulfil our dreams with passion, dedication, vision and the desire to inspire others.”

At the book launch Micah dedicated a poem to her mother, thanking her for all her support. Micah’s mother remarked, “I am so proud of Micah. She has entertained family and friends with her writing for many years and we all felt that she was very talented. She has taught me that if you have a dream or goal and are determined to reach it you can achieve anything if you believe in yourself.”

Micah thanked the school staff, her peers, family members and the inspiring people she has met throughout this journey of self discovery as an author.