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Opinion13th August 2020

2020 A level results: Maths expert heading to the US

Ark Acton Academy student Livan has been awarded 3 A*s in A Level Maths, Further Maths and Physics, and an A in Chemistry.

This, combined with his completion of American standardised exams earlier this academic year, means he will be attending Harvey Mudd College in the USA to study Maths and Liberal Arts.

Livan, 18, is an exceptional student at the west London school and naturally gifted mathematician. He achieved the highest grade in the newly reformed GCSE maths in 2018. Only 3% of candidates who were entered for GCSE maths achieved the highest grade nationally.

He moved to the UK from Italy when he was six years old, and he is first in his family to attend university. In the past years, Livan has participated in national Science competitions, including Isaac Physics and the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge placing him in the top 2% for achievement nationally. He is hoping to represent the UK in this year’s international Chemistry and Physics Olympiads.

Livan loves teaching and has volunteered as a Maths tutor at his local Maths hub and undertook a volunteer trip to Ghana and Kenya, spreading his knowledge and enthusiasm for his subjects.

His proudest academic achievement is his research into mitigating spinal injury in hand-pumping systems, widely used as the primary source of water supply in rural Africa. He is currently designing a more sustainable and viable solution to improve the quality of life of thousands, projecting to implement his ideas next summer.

As a qualified swimming instructor, Livan supports the local community by teaching children with learning and physical difficulties.

Livan’s place at the Harvey Mudd College is supported by a financial aid package of $330,000 as part of the Sutton Trust US Programme, run in partnership with the US-UK Fulbright Commission.

I want to thank my teachers at Ark Acton Academy, especially Ms Lok and Dr Vavaruca who have always gone the extra mile for all the sixth form students. From staying late to help with studies to helping me with the admissions process and general moral support. They are seriously passionate about education and I am grateful for their commitment to me and my peers.”