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News20th April 2015

Ark Byron appoints new Head of School

Ark Byron Primary Academy in Acton is pleased to announce that Fiona Kaplan will be the Head of School when it opens in September 2015.

Ms Kaplan brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm, having previously been Assistant Headteacher and Early Years Leader at nearby Wendell Park Primary School.

“I am delighted to be appointed the Head of School at Ark Byron. This is an exciting opportunity to make a difference in my local community,” said Ms Kaplan. “At Ark Byron, we will place literacy, mathematics and citizenship at the heart of everything we do, and our pupils will be challenged to aim high and fulfil their potential. We will provide the best possible education and experience from day one and I look forward to working with Ms Steele and the school community to achieve this.”

Ms Kaplan will work closely with Executive Principal, Jacqueline Steele to create a brand-new school at the heart of the Acton community.

Ms Steele is also Executive Headteacher of nearby, high-performing, Ark Priory Primary Academy. The two schools will work closely together and will benefit from shared learning and collaboration as well as leadership, teaching staff and resources.

“This is an important moment for Ark Byron as we prepare to open in September,” said Ms Steele. “I am excited to work alongside Ms Kaplan to open another outstanding school in Acton. Ark Byron and Ark Priory will share a unique relationship which will have huge benefits for all of our pupils.”

Plans are underway for Ark Byron’s brand new building, opening in Acton Park, in September 2016. Ark Byron will be based in their own section of the recently-built Ark Priory Primary Academy until building work is completed.