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News9th June 2017

Ark Chief Executive Lucy Heller profiled in the Tes

Lucy Heller, the Chief Executive of Ark, has been profiled in the Tes this week.

Lucy was interviewed by Will Hazell, who talked to her about the cuts in education funding, improving the gender balance among MAT leaders and staff and standing up to selection.

On the latter she comments, “If you want to get a measure of a society, it’s not, in a way, what it does for the brightest, for the most able – it’s how it treats its most disadvantaged.”

She insists Ark will hold the line against academic selection – including the “grammar streams” that some academies have employed to separately teach their ablest pupils.

“The schools that we run now, mixed schools for all students, are where we can deliver great education,” she says. “So no, I don’t think that we will go down the grammar route.”

You can read more on the Tes website – please note that the article is behind a subscription wall, so you will need to register or login to read further.

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