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Opinion11th January 2022

Ark Curriculum Plus launches Science Mastery 

Shauna O’Brien, Head of Secondary Science Mastery, shares some exciting news as Ark Curriculum Plus expands its programmes. 

Ark Curriculum Plus is a non-profit organisation dedicated to transforming education in the UK.

Our mission is student success through empowered teaching. We believe that every student can succeed, and that the teacher makes a difference. We have created multiple complete curriculum programmes over the past ten years to ensure teachers have the required resources and subject knowledge.

Mathematics Mastery has been a proven success at Key Stage 3, with Fischer Family Trust (FFT) Education Datalab finding conclusive evidence to show that the programme had a positive impact on helping to lift GCSE grades. English Mastery, again at KS3, was found by The Brilliant Club to enable students to make an additional four months’ progress compared to peers not on the programme.

We are continuing our mission to empower teachers and have launched our latest KS3 programme, Science Mastery. Informed by the latest pedagogical and cognitive science research, our new Science Mastery programme will help develop teacher subject knowledge across all areas.

Georgina Pick, Head of Science at Ark Pioneer Academy in Barnet, participated in a pilot. In the video below, she shares her experience and the programme’s impact at her school.