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News11th October 2011

ARK Schools Mathematics Mastery programme wins major grant from Education Endowment Foundation

ARK Schools has been awarded a major grant by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) to further develop and roll out its Mathematics Mastery programme, an innovative and highly effective approach to teaching children maths based on Singapore maths teaching. The £600,000 grant will enable ARK to launch the programme and related professional development training to improve maths teaching in at least 50 disadvantaged primary and secondary schools.  

The funding will enable ARK Schools to write a UK mathematics mastery programme based on the experience of teaching the pilot programme in ARK’s academies. ARK intends to complete the development of its primary modules for use from Sept 2012 and its secondary modules for use from September 2013. In parallel ARK is developing professional training and implementation support for schools outside the ARK network.

The Mathematics Mastery programme is a new approach to teaching mathematics from reception through to Year 9. It is based on the curricula principles of the most consistently high performing nations over the past 30 years, adapted by ARK to the needs of its pupils. ARK’s pioneering approach is designed to ensure that every child can achieve excellence in mathematics. It will ensure that pupils are well prepared to be highly successful in their Key Stage 4 and beyond.