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News23rd August 2018

Ark students celebrate their GCSE results amidst big shake-up

Despite a big shake-up to GCSE grades, Ark students across the network were celebrating some great results this Thursday 23 August.

Read on to hear stories from some of our students.

Tanisha and Zayd Addicott

Ark Bolingbroke Academy

Ark Bolingbroke Academy’s best-performing students are 16 year old twin siblings, Tanisha and Zayd. The twins achieved a combined seventeen 9s and three 8s!

Zayd said: “I’m jumping around – I’m shocked. This is music to my ears! I was hoping for these results but I didn’t think I would actually get this. I put in a lot of hours and it’s paid off. It’s really useful to have a twin sister as a benchmark! We’re quite competitive.”

Tanisha added: “I am excited, relieved and very happy. It has been a long year and thankfully worth it in the end. I couldn’t have done this without the help of so many great teachers.”

Their mother Fereal said she was “delighted”, adding: “I really think it was the competition between them that got them such good marks.”

Grade 9 is the mark given to students in the top three per cent of the country and is the equivalent to a high A*. Zayd is keen to become a journalist and will study maths, biology, chemistry and history next year. Tanisha is interested in performing arts and dance and was away at a dance academy in Birmingham when the results were announced. The siblings plan to stay on at Ark Bolingbroke Academy for their A levels.

Sani Nkomazana

Ark Charter Academy

Sani is a student at Ark Charter Academy in Portsmouth. He achieved a 9, six 8s, a 7 and two 6s. He wants to study A levels in drama, maths and physics.

“I feel pretty relieved and extremely happy with my results, I am so excited to be going to college in September to study for my A levels. I will really miss my friends and the staff that have supported me, especially Mr Ainsle, Mrs Kirk and Ms Claxton. They have all gone over and above to help me, I’ve loved my time here at Ark Charter Academy.”

Lorcan McAlindon

Ark All Saints Academy

Lorcan is in the first cohort of students to receive their GCSEs at Ark All Saints Academy in south London. He got three 8s, a 7, five 6s and a 5. He wants to take psychology, media studies and biology at A level.

“It’s a very supportive school. I didn’t start off at this school, so I know what other places can be like. The care that you receive here from the teachers is unlike any other school probably in the whole of south London. They really help you, you never feel alone. There’s always a staff member who will talk to you. Having been to another school, I really appreciate Ark All Saints Academy.”

Alexandru Mihaila

Ark Elvin Academy

Alexandru is a student at Ark Elvin Academy in Wembley, London. He achieved a 9, an 8, three 7s, two 6s and two 5s in his GCSEs.

“I want to go on to sixth form and learn to be a software developer. I would like to have my own IT company someday and to work to help developing countries have better access to communications. I don’t come from a wealthy background. My family was poor and it makes you want to give something back.

My family moved over from Romania 10 years ago. It was a hard experience for all of us. I didn’t speak any English when I arrived. In Romania you start primary when you’re 7 years old, so when I came over I hadn’t ever been to school before. I had to learn English just as I started school for the first time.

My background is something that drives me – I want to become successful. A lot of successful people, such as J.K. Rowling, got their drive to succeed by having come from a difficult background.

Ark Elvin Academy has given me a massive amount of support. The teachers here are extremely good in all the subjects. They’ve been offering us after-school hours and Saturday hours to help us prepare for GCSEs. You can see that the teachers really care and they really are experts in their subjects.”

Tahera Yasmin

Ark Boulton Academy

Tahera is a student at Ark Boulton Academy in Birmingham. She achieved four 9s, three 8s, a 7 and a 6. She is a very ambitious, hardworking and highly articulate student, and took up the role of Head Girl at Ark Boulton last year. Tahera also led the student council and was in charge of the Student Leaders. Tahera made many speeches across the year addressing students, staff and members of the local community.

Tahera wants to go on to study A level biology, chemistry, maths and English literature and pursue a career in Dentistry. She commented, “I’m so happy with my results, and I couldn’t have achieved these without the invaluable and diverse help from my teachers. I’d like to thank them all for the support.”

Congratulations to all our students and teachers for a great set of results this year.

Ark Globe Academy

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