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Students in 20 schools across the Ark network are receiving their GCSE results today.

As with A level results, the national trend has seen GCSE results this year brought back in line with pre-Covid standards. Ark has improved against the 2019 benchmark, with 64 percent of students achieving grades 9-4 in English and Maths (up two percentage points on 2019) and 44 percent of students achieving grades 9-5 in English and Maths (up four percentage points on 2019).

Regionally, our London schools have performed particularly well, with students receiving higher grades (9-5) increasing seven percentage points on 2019.

These numbers are provisional and, in line with trends across England, Ark has seen a drop against last year’s results. We will be assessing performance in more detail over the coming days as well as learning more about the destinations of our pupils.

Highlights and success stories from our schools will be shared here over the course of the day.

Albert Tahiri

10 grade 9s and one grade A in additional Maths

Albert from Ark Academy is very proud of his exceptional results. He said, “I worked incredibly hard to achieve these grades, always planning ahead for next year.” Albert wants to study Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Economics at A-level.

Ayesha Ridma

Eight grade 9s, two grade 8s and a grade A in additional Maths

Ayesha joined Ark Academy in Year 10 having moved from Bangladesh the previous year. Incredibly she had never studied French before but managed a grade 9 in French. Ayesha hopes to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor.

Damari Harris

Two grade 9s, one grade 7, three grade 6s, a 5 and a 4

Damari moved to the UK from Jamaica and joined Ark Evelyn Grace in March 2020. A week after he joined the school, the first national lockdown was declared. Like many of his peers, Damari has dealt with the challenge of having interrupted school years with optimism and resilience. He secured some of the highest grades in the school and is most proud of his Grade 9 in English Literature which reflects his love of reading. Vice Principal, John Rowley said, “Damari has always had a passion for literature and was often seen around the school reading.” Damari’s mum, Ms Barrett, said, “Teachers were very helpful…people went out of their way for us and were very invested.”


Four grade 9s, four grade 8s and one grade 7

Jasmin from Ark Burlington Danes said, “I’m so proud of myself and my peers; I wouldn’t have been able to do it without our fabulous teachers. It sounds cliché but they were the reason I did so well.”


Nine grade 9s and one grade 8

Fatima from Ark Burlington Danes said, “Thank you to my family, my teachers and my friends. This wouldn’t have been possible without them!”

Asiyah Begum

Five grade 9s and one grade 8

Asiyah from Ark Boulton Academy plans to study A level Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Biology to fulfil her dreams of becoming a doctor. Asiyah said, “I have put in a lot of hard work to receive these results and hope to achieve a similar set of results during my A-levels to fulfil my dreams to apply for Medicine at University.”

Jayden Enede

Jayden from Ark Boulton Academy secured nine GCSEs with Grades 8 and 9. He is the youngest of three brothers to attend Ark Acton and is also a fantastic musician. He is going on to study Physics, Maths and Economics in Acton’s sixth form.

Julia Gutkowska

10 GCSEs grade 8 and 9

Julia from Ark Acton secured ten GCSEs with Grades 8 and 9. This has set her up well to follow her ambition of becoming a doctor.

Amal Al-Ashwal

Seven grade 9s and two grade 8s

Amal from Ark Acton is planning to study A levels in Chemistry, Maths, Biology and Psychology at Ark St Alban’s Sixth Form. She said, “I am excited to study A levels and I plan to study medicine at university to achieve my goal of becoming a doctor.”

Hana Ayache

Two grade 9s, six grade 8s and one grade 7

Hana from Ark Putney plans to study Biology, Chemistry and Maths at A Level. She says, “My results have really changed my perspective on what I thought I could, and want, to do. Before today I was set on medicine, but these results could open doors into finance, business, technology and many more – I am looking forward to exploring all these different careers in 6th form.”

Themis Grimault

Eight grade 9s, one grade 8 and one grade 7

Themis will go on to study Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths at Ark Putney Academy 6th Form. He says, “There were definitely times I felt hopeless in exams but I didn’t allow myself to give up. I think that pure resilience got me over the line with my grades. I am really interested in Biology research and fascinated by genetics, so this is my long-term study goal. I’m now off to celebrate with ice cream!”

Andrei Gogoseanu

Four grade 9s, give grade 8s and one grade 7

Andrei from Ark Putney goes on to study Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics. He says, “I really feel like my teachers helped me make the climb from grade boundaries, even as much as two grades. My science teacher gave me some valuable wake up calls during KS4 and that really propelled me to achieve my full potential. My long-term career goals are within accounting and computer science. I’m looking for something that taps into my maths skills and my passion for tech. In the 6th form I am excited to focus on some key disciplines and get out to do some more work experience.”

Fahmi Ahmed

Fahmi from Ark Putney achieved grade 8s and 9s in English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics and is heading to Havant college to study Physics, Chemistry and Maths. He said, “I am feeling good to have done as I expected.” His teacher added, “Fahmi is an incredibly hard-working student. We are very proud of his accomplishments and look forward to hearing about his future successes.”

Rooshil Patel

Seven grade 9s, three grade 8s, one grade 7

Rooshil from Ark Greenwich Free School has demonstrated remarkable dedication and academic excellence, securing an impressive range of grades. Rooshil will be attending Townley Grammar to pursue A Levels in Further Maths, Physics and Computer Science.

Lara Georgescu

Five grade 9s and six grade 8s

In recognition of her remarkable performance, Lara from Ark Greenwich is recommended for the esteemed Excellence and Endeavour Award. She will be attending Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School to pursue studies in Art, Maths, and Psychology.

Rudrik Hari

Rudrik arrived in this country and joined the Ark Elvin at the start of year 10. In just two years his 100% attendance record and hard work meant that he was able to make incredible progress scoring top grades in his science and maths GCSEs. He is going on to study Engineering.

Nayan Pandey

Seven grade 9s, two grade 8s and one grade 7

Nayan from Ark Elvin is going on to study A-Level Maths, Physics, Computer Science and Further Maths. “I’m very proud and elated about my results. My cousin had great results last year and my main aim was to beat him, and I did! I want to thank all my teachers for their support.”

Anshul Shah

Seven grade 9s, two grade 8s and one grade 5

Anshul from Ark Elvin is off to study A Level Maths, Economics, Further maths and Geography. “I’m very happy. It was worth all the late nights and revision.”

Salma Chowdhury

Two grade 9s, two grade 8s, five grade 7s and one grade 6

Salma from Ark Elvin has shown that dedication to study can really pay off. Salma arrived in the UK in year 4 from Italy and struggled to capture the language until she started in secondary school. Now, Salma intends to study A levels in English Literature, religious studies, psychology and sociology at Joseph Chamberlain College.

Pritom Gosh

Five grade 9s and five grade 8s

Pritom from Ark Victoria has demonstrated that a positive attitude and continued hard work leads to excellent outcomes. Pritoms intends to study A level maths, further maths, chemistry & biology at King Edwards Camp Hill and wants to go on to be a surgeon. Pritom said, “I feel very excited to tell mum about my results because she has really supported me with my education.” Pritom’s advice for the next cohort of Year 11 students is to “put 100% effort in at all times, not just in exams but all of the time, at home and in class.”

Bushra Mansuri

Seven grade 9s, three grade 8s

Bushra from Ark Victoria plans to study Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Further Maths in the school’s sixth form. Bushra said, “I’m really proud of getting 9s in the subjects I’m hoping to do for A levels. I think my parents, family and teachers will be really proud of my grades. In sixth form, I’d like to study physics, chemistry, maths and further maths. I want to study aerospace engineering at university. I’ve always liked Maths and the idea that we’re part of the universe. In the future, I’d love to help build a spacecraft – that would be really cool.”

Saggiadul Islam

Six grade 9s, three grade 8s and one grade 7

Saggiadul from Ark Isaac Newton plans to study Biology, Chemistry and Maths at the school. He said, “I’m happy with my results and a big thank you to my teachers for all their support! They’ve really helped me over the last few months – offering one-to-one support and tailoring homework to help develop our mindsets and challenge ourselves with the more complex questions.”

Shameer Miah

Grade 9s in Maths, Chemistry and Biology

“As long as a thing is possible, I know I can make it happen!”

Shameer from Ark Isaac Newton will be progressing to Ark Walworth Academy sixth form next term.