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Ark students are celebrating GCSE successes following a uniquely challenging year.

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On this page we are sharing some of the individual stories about our hard-working students:


Remon has scooped an outstanding nine grade 9s and one grade 8.

The Ark Putney Academy student said “I’d like to thank my teachers, family and friends who believed in me and inspired me to work hard during such a difficult period. It is my long-term goal to study medicine, and these results will really set me up for A Levels.


Sebri succeeds after feeling a bit of brotherly pressure!

The Ark Globe Academy student recieved an impressive three 9s, two 8s, three 7s and two 6s, after some help (and a bit of competition) from his older brother!

I am surprised for my science results. I thought that I would get a mediocre result, but I got two 9s and an 8 in science instead. I worked hard but was worried a lot too. It was kind of tough to find motivation, not knowing if we were going to do the exams or not. You had to be ready and do revisions.

My brother got his GCSE results last year. He was very helpful throughout this last year, but also, he put pressure on me. I didn’t want to be worse than what he did. We got more or less the same now. I got more 9s but he got more 8s.

To the younger students, I would say prepare for anything, make sure you have time for revisions. Don’t leave it to last minute.

I love art and football. I want to go to a top Russell Group university but am not yet sure what I want to do as a job. I just would like to focus on enjoying my A levels. I will do maths, further maths, physics and computer science.


Young carer Zane overcomes challenges to pick up excellent results

Ark Putney Academy’s Zane experienced significant challenges during KS3 & 4 and was a young carer for his father.

His responsibilities impacted his attendance and attainment but today he celebrates the following results: 9, 8, 7, 7, 7, 6, 6, 5 and Distinction* in Sport BTEC.

He says, “The staff at APA really lifted me up when things were hard. I felt that as soon as I started making an effort, I saw positive results. This spurred me on, and I found myself wanting to come into school. I want to be a reference point for people going through similar things – it’s literally down to you, but I am proof that you can be successful.


Exeptional scientist Fela’s hard work pays off

Fela received three grade 9s, four grade 8s and three grade 7s in her subjects at Ark Evelyn Grace Academy. She excelled at science and has always been working towards her goal of becoming a physiotherapist.

Fela seized every opportunity presented to her, whether attending lectures with scientists during lockdowns or selecting to take triple science in Year 11, with all the extra work entailed. She is also an excellent sportswoman.

I massively enjoyed my time at EGA. You need to take yourself and your time at school seriously. During year 11 I revised for at least one and a half hours a day. Even if you believe that you know everything, you still need to keep studying and revising. You must work hard to achieve your goals as you are never finished learning. Keep calm in those moments when you think you are struggling and do not be afraid to ask the staff for support. They are here to help you achieve your best and so will always be there for you.


Ruqayyah’s eight grade 9s and one grade 8 delight her family

Ruqayyah from Ark Isaac Newton Academy achieved eight grade 9s in English Literature, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, French and Geography and one grade 8 in English Language.

She is planning to stay at Isaac Newton Academy for Sixth Form and study four A levels in Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Biology.

I am feeling so happy. When I got my results, I straight away ran outside to my dad to show him. He was really shocked and really happy. Having done so well it gives me the opportunity to do a range of A levels and therefore open doors for my future studies. I had so much support from my teachers, especially during lockdown as I found lockdown learning quite difficult – I really missed face to face contact. I want to thank all my teachers; they have been amazing. My parents are really happy, I have two older sisters who are both going to university this year, so I was hoping to do well and beat their GCSE grades, which I did!


An incredible eight grade 9s and one grade 8 for Kainat

Ark Victoria Academy student Kainat has demonstrated an incredible work ethic throughout the five years that she has attended the school. Kainat intends to study A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Psychology at the University of Birmingham Sixth Form.

Kainat said that her advice for the next cohort of Year 11 students is to “try hard in every subject and never give up; hard work will lead to success.” She thanked all her teachers, stating, “I couldn’t have done it without them.”


‘I love these subjects with my whole heart’ – Scientist Fabiana was shocked by her results

Ark Globe Academy’s Fabiana achieved an excellent six grade 9s, three grade 8s and a 7. She will be staying at Ark Globe to focus on science and maths at A-level.

When I got my results, I didn’t open the envelope and waited for my friends. We wanted to open at the same time. I was so shocked to see the numbers, I didn’t even pay attention to the subjects at first. All of my friends’ reaction was great. It was a cool moment.

I was really unsure about my results. I always downplay how I did at every single test. My family expected better than I told them what to expect. But they always support me and say that no matter what grades I get, they love me. This means a lot to me.

My journey through the GCSEs was full of anxiety and self-confidence issues. The uncertainties around the exams or grades made is nerve wracking for me. Most of us put our self-worth in our grades, but grades are just numbers. It doesn’t reflect truly who we are.

I am very passionate about science. I will study A levels at Globe and will do biology, chemistry and maths. Now I would like to focus on A levels and really enjoy these subjects that I am very passionate about. I would like to just enjoy them for what they are. I love these subjects with my whole heart.

I think I am so lucky because we always had the best science teachers at Globe. They always brought something extra to the classroom. They didn’t just stick to the curriculum and made science so much fun for us. This is why I fell in love with these subjects.

I love design and arts too. So I hope that I can find a career that combines creativity with sciences.


Rumaan never stop believing in herself, and has earned a fantastic set of results

Rumaan, from Ark St Albans Academy, received 4 grade 9s, 1 grade 8, 3 grade 7s – English Language, English Literature, History, RE, Spanish, Combined Science, Maths

I’m so pleased with what I have achieved. I couldn’t have done it without the help of all of my teachers, but I hope it also shows the younger pupils that if you work hard you can achieve anything. I was in set 2 up until this year, so getting one of the best sets of results goes to show you should never stop trying and never stop believing in yourself”


Sarah has her sights on Imperial College with eight grade 9s, an 8 and a 6

Sarah acheived this fantastic set of results while studying at Burlington Danes Academy, where she will be staying for sixth form

She said, “I’m feeling really good. At first I found learning from home really hard as I wasn’t used to it, but it got easier and I learned a lot. I’m going to be coming back to Burlington Danes for Sixth Form and will study Maths, Chemistry and Biology. At university I’m hoping to do something like forensic chemistry or chemical engineering. It’s really inspiring hearing about where BDA students go to university, such as the student who got an unconditional offer from Oxford! My dream is to go to Imperial College.


Remarkable seven grade 9s and two grade 8s for hard-working Thomas

Thomas from Ark Charter Academy achieved grade 9s in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer science, Geography, Maths, Spanish, and grade 8s in English language and English literature.

Thomas should be incredibly proud of himself with the grades he has achieved. He worked tirelessly preparing for the CAG process. Ark Charter are incredibly proud of him and have no doubt that with these grades he will go on to great things.


Elation for Mohammed, who can’t wait to tell his dad

Mohammed from Ark Isaac Newton Academy achieved four grade 9s in English Literature, Maths, Biology, Chemistry and five grade 8s in English Language, Computer Science, History, PE and Physics.

He is planning to stay at Ark Isaac Newton for Sixth Form and study A levels in Maths, Physics and Economics.

I feel elated. I did well. Even through lockdown I felt supported and could ask my teachers all the questions I needed to. At the moment my plan is to study Engineering at university. I am looking forward to telling my friends and family about my results. I am most looking forward to telling my dad as he has high expectations, so I hope he is proud.


Some more incredible results we are celebrating across the network…

Bella – Ark Bolingbroke Academy

10 grade 9s

“I am absolutely delighted with my results and can’t stop smiling! During the (seemingly never ending) lockdowns, I worked really hard and spent many long hours revising after a full day of online lessons. Stress came from not only the pressure to muster up enough energy to revise but also the dizziness of living in a time packed with such uncertainty. I was utterly exhausted but now my energy has replenished knowing that the hard work has paid off. My school – Ark Bolingbroke Academy – did a phenomenal job in supporting my year and through the lockdowns, and I know how lucky I am that there was not a gap in my learning. I am so proud of my friends and everyone for not only getting through the lockdowns but also having the courage and determination to sit many more exams than what would normally be required. This will be a period that will go down in history for its disruption and trauma but also one where students across the country have overcome such adversity to perform so well in their exams.”

Haja – Ark Bolingbroke Academy

9 grade 9s

“My reaction to getting all grade 9s was that of shock and pride. After two stress-inducing academic years, being in and out of lockdowns and changing between distance learning and being on-site, seeing my results was such a rewarding feeling. Knowing that I had made my mum, my family, my friends and my school so proud is something that I’m truly overjoyed about. My results are indicative of an incredibly supportive school environment that reacted so flexibly to the two academy lockdowns, adjusting everything so that we were able to be supported remotely. Alongside that, I feel nothing but appreciation for my teachers who installed a secondary belief system in me, being there to relieve me of my stress, but also ensuring that I could do everything in my power to get these results. I could not be more elated with these grades and I hold so much gratitude for everything that my school has done in aiding me to achieve them.”

Jacques – Ark Bolingbroke Academy

9 grade 9s

“Receiving my GCSE grades during the holidays, I was hugely proud yet surprised at myself. Yet I realised that everything I had achieved was thanks to those surrounding me, both at Bolingbroke and at home. In each subject, my amazing teachers constantly supported me and pushed me to go further, through moments of success as well as hesitation or difficulty. Despite the arrival of a global pandemic, and even in distance learning, I continued to feel the presence of a community within Bolingbroke, whether in person or through Teams calls. I look forward to prolonging my time and education at this school for the next two years while remaining among teachers and friends.”

Kawther – Ark Alexandra Academy

9 grade 9s

Cyrus – Ark Academy

9 grade 9s plus an A grade in Additional Maths