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Fifteen Ark students are embarking on an exciting new musical journey with the launch of the Ark Inspiring Excellence Music scholarship.

Students will develop their skills throughout the programme through intensive coaching, access to exclusive experiences, and industry opportunities.

Students will receive one-on-one coaching/tuition, an opportunity to immerse themselves in music at a residential event, a personal budget to contribute to resources and relevant personal development, visits to concerts, festivals and gigs, and the chance to express and demonstrate their excellence in a personal project. Every student will work towards achieving a Bronze and Gold Arts Award (worth 16 UCAS points) during their scholarship.

Three of the 15 scholars have each been chosen to receive the Allen Blues and Jazz Scholarship, which were set up in memory of Dave Allen, a wonderful friend and colleague who passed away in January 2021. Dave had worked at Ark for many years and enjoyed blues and jazz music. These students will also have additional opportunities through fundraising efforts, including taking at least one recognised grade exam and receiving a further 15 one-to-one music lessons.

We’re proud to partner with the London College of Creative Media, who are providing an inspiring and aspirational venue for workshops and away days for the 15 scholars. Students will work with music professionals and state of the art equipment to create their own music.

The Royal Albert Hall is also offering students subsidised tickets to their events, plus behind the scenes opportunities.

Natalie Russell, Ark’s Associate Programme Manager for the scholarships, said: “The scholarships are a fantastic opportunity for Ark students to build a community of like-minded young musicians, cultivating a culture of excellence across the network. Through the Ark Inspiring Excellence Music scholarships, students will receive skills and career development opportunities have access to exclusive music opportunities, mentorship, and work experience.

“We’re developing students’ artistry and investing in each young person to help their creative abilities. We’re also building pathways into an industry where there are often many barriers to getting into the creative sectors.

“It’s especially poignant that we can offer three blues and jazz scholarships in memory of Dave Allen, creating a legacy to mark his extraordinary contribution and influence.

“Music is extremely important to students, especially in uncertain times. It’s inclusive, it gives them the space to express themselves, be creative, have fun and improve their confidence and I can’t wait to see how far our first cohort go.”

This first cohort of scholars will complete the programme in July 2023. We want to award scholarships every year so more talented young students can be supported to excel and reach their full potential. We can only do this through generous donations – please consider supporting a scholarship here.

Before gaining a place on the scholarships, some students shared their thoughts.

“This scholarship offers many opportunities; one-on-one coaching, the ability to express and somewhere where one can work on a personal project, personal development and more. I hope to be able to experience these opportunities and be equipped for a future within the music industry, not only being able to overcome challenges but also to continue to develop as a person and improve my skills.” Emily, Year 10, Ark Elvin.

“I want to gain more opportunities that wouldn’t be available to me otherwise. I also would love to show my passion and be able to demonstrate to others my talent. I would love to meet more people with similar interests as me. Being around other people as passionate about music as I am, would be amazing.” Bea, Year 9, Ark Acton.

“It would give me more opportunities to get my music out there and open the locked doors to showcase my talents. It would also give me opportunities to meet people within the industry who can give me tips. It’s also great that we get the Arts Award (and UCAS points) whilst doing something that I’m enjoying!” Yvan, Year 12, Ark Bolingbroke Academy.

We’re looking forward to following the students throughout their journey.

The Allen Scholars Blues and Jazz Scholarship

Bea, Year 9, Ark Acton

Naomi, Year 8, Ark Pioneer

Valeria, Year 12, Isaac Newton Acton

Ark Inspiring Excellence Music Scholarship

Aiesha, Year 12, Isaac Newton Acton

Ash, Year 9, Ark Elvin

Dhiksha, Year 8, King Solomon Academy

Emily, Year 10, Ark Elvin

Fayiza, Year 10, Ark Elvin

Gaurav, Year 12, Isaac Newton Acton

Gavin, Year 9, Ark Pioneer

Lashayah, Year 11, Ark Acton

Maksim, Year 12, Ark Academy

Theo, Year 11, Evelyn Grace Academy

Veer, Year 8, Ark Elvin

Yvan, Year 12, Ark Bolingbroke Academy