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News4th December 2013

ARK’s Maths Mastery championed as model for driving pupil success

Last night, ARK Schools and our Mathematics Mastery programme featured prominently in a story on BBC Newsnight. The show focussed on how policymakers can address the challenge of the UK’s results in the recent PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) survey, where UK students failed to make the top 20 in maths in a survey of 65 countries and education systems. The international league table was topped, once again, by Asian countries.

At ARK Schools , our pupils outperform national attainment in maths despite a quarter of our students being two years behind national expectations when they arrive at secondary school.

Newsnight visited ARK’s Evelyn Grace Academy in Brixton to see Maths Mastery in action and spoke to Head of Maths, Mark Critchard. ‘The Maths Mastery curriculum really encourages students to explain what it is they’re learning to one another, to be able to explicitly say what it is they’re learning and how they’re doing it.’

Find out more about how Maths Mastery work here

The Newsnight episode is available on the BBC iPlayer for 7 days after its initial airing here: