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News4th May 2018

Educators from around the world gather at Global Schools Forum 2018

Last week, educators, investors, funders and representatives of 32 school networks around the globe gathered in Zurich, Switzerland for the third annual meeting of the Global Schools Forum.

The three-day event brought together school networks from 19 different countries – along with organisations interested in supporting their work – to take part in training, network with peers, and learn from each other.

The meeting is organised by Global Schools Forum, an Ark venture that exists to support non-state school operators in developing countries to deliver quality education to low-income families.

The topics covered ranged from finance, funding and technology, to building an inspirational culture, developing teachers, and effective storytelling.

Describing the annual meeting, one delegate commented: “It was exactly the right size, full of like-minded, smart, kind and generous individuals. We are all going through the same things and it’s been incredible to collaborate and work together on issues with operators from around the world”.

Aashti Zaidi Hai, Director of Global Schools Forum, said: “We have such a tremendous and diverse group here. There’s 85 people here, many of whom run schools, but all of whom are focused on improving the quality of education for low-income children. We’re thrilled that the Global Schools Forum gives them a chance to collaborate”

Lucy Heller, Chief Executive of Ark, said: “This event is a great opportunity for school operators to come together, take part in relevant and insightful training, and also crucially to hear from each other. We’ve heard stories from some inspirational educators, particularly those innovating in challenging contexts. I’m glad Ark could be involved in supporting Global Schools Forum and helping to deliver some of the training here.”

The Global Schools Forum is supported by Ark, the IDP Foundation, Omidyar Network, Pearson Affordable Learning Fund, and UBS Optimus Foundation.

See highlights from the event below: