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News6th February 2017

Educators gather to discuss excellence in teaching at Teach 2017

On Saturday 4 February 2017, teaching and education professionals came together to discuss ‘What makes excellent teaching?’

The event featured keynote speeches from Sir David Carter, National Schools Commissioner, and Lorraine Clarke, Principal of Ark Blacklands and Ark Little Ridge primary academies. Throughout the day teachers took part in practical workshops and inspiring talks, ranging from Technology for teaching and Understanding the teenage brain to The behaviour management cycle and The characteristics of great teachers.

It was a great opportunity to get teachers and education professionals together in one room to collaborate and learn from one another. Lucy Heller, Chief Executive of Ark, commented, “This jam-packed day full of speeches, debates and workshops, may only touch the surface but we hope that it will help to focus all of our minds on what great teaching looks like. It should also serve as a reminder of the contributions we can all make — big and small — to the pursuit of excellence.”