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News30th November 2013

Maths challenge adds up to victory for Bolingbroke

ARK schools fielded their best Year 8 mathematicians at the annual ARK Maths Challenge in November, this year hosted by Ark Academy in Wembley.

Students competed in four challenging rounds of individual and team tasks aptly named swimming, boxing, marathon and relay in recognition of the different skillsets used in each.

The overall winner of the event was Bolingbroke Academy with 35 points, very closely followed by runners up Walworth Academy with 34 points and Charter Academy with 31 points.

The individual round was hotly contested, with a well-deserved victory taken by Gerti Pergjini from Walworth Academy, Sufyan Khan from Bolingbroke taking second and Iana Paladi from Charter Academy taking third.

A student from Globe Academy said: “I didn’t know maths could be so much fun. It was great competing against other ARK schools today and I will try even harder in my maths lessons now I have seen how good some of the other students are.”

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