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News24th May 2017

Ofsted rates Ark Little Ridge ‘good’ with outstanding features

Ark Little Ridge Primary Academy in Hastings is celebrating its Ofsted report, which has graded the school as good with outstanding features. The school was previously deemed as requiring ‘special measures’ before it joined the Ark network in 2014.

The effectiveness of leadership and management at Ark Little Ridge was graded as outstanding, with Ofsted inspectors saying, “Leadership in the school is inspirational” and “the school has improved markedly since it opened.”

They added that “pupils feel safe in this inclusive, welcoming atmosphere” and “staff value the opportunities provided to work with colleagues in the partner school, Ark Blacklands Primary Academy.”

The Ofsted report singled out the school’s early years provision for praise, which it rated as outstanding. Ark Little Ridge “provides an exceptionally strong start to children’s school life,” noted the inspectors. Other strengths highlighted were the broad curriculum and wide range of exciting activities that are “designed to capture pupils’ interests”. The report adds that “These types of activities make learning fun and promote pupils’ academic, physical and personal development.”

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Another key finding from the inspection drew attention to the good teaching in the speech and language unit, highlighting the “effective support” offered to students with special educational needs, saying that, “Well trained specialist staff provide good support to pupils in the speech and language unit which enables them to make good progress.”

Lorraine Clarke, Executive Principal of Ark Little Ridge said: “We’re thrilled that Ofsted has endorsed the hard work of everyone at Ark Little Ridge. We are all very proud of our school and so to get this recognition from Ofsted is fantastic. I’d like to thank staff, parents and pupils for their dedication and commitment in making Ark Little Ridge a success.”

Ark Little Ridge Head of School Mark Rankin said: “One of the things that has pleased me most about this report, is that it calls attention to the important role that students and parents have had in the success of our school. When an Ofsted inspector notes in a report (twice) that “pupils are proud of their school,” you can’t help but feel all of our hard work is making a difference.”

The full report can be downloaded here: Ark Little Ridge Primary Academy Ofsted Report 2017