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Opinion7th March 2019

“Our product is our people” A profile of Capgemini’s apprenticeship programme

Ben Rubery is the Apprenticeships Programme Manager at Capgemini, a global consulting, technology services and digital transformation company. Each year, Capgemini support Ark students from across the Ark network apply to the Capgemini Apprenticeship Programme.

We believe that our people are our strongest assets and at Capgemini, our goal is to attract, retain and develop our people. Our work with apprentices is hugely important to us, because it helps us to combat the digital skills gap that is currently having an impact on us and our clients. This is a generation that is really adept with new technologies and there is a lot of talent in our schools that we want to encourage and learn from.

Apprenticeships have enabled us to create opportunities for individuals who may be looking for an alternative to university. This is a win-win for us as an organisation, as it enables us to grow our own in-house talent for the future, particularly in the field of technology.

That’s why we have partnered with Ark, to increase awareness of apprenticeships and support students apply for their apprenticeship programme this year, from schools throughout their network. These apprentices bring new energy and passion into our existing teams. Our apprentices demonstrate a huge amount of drive and agility being able to adapt and grow in the fast paced, ever changing tech industry.

It’s a great opportunity for these students – apprenticeships offer school leavers an accelerated path into a career. As part of the apprenticeship, there is practical work, of course, but there are also academic requirements. Study is often designed to fit around their full-time employment, enabling apprentices to not only work towards a professional qualification but also to gain valuable work experience along the way. Degree apprenticeships are a fantastic opportunity to gain a full degree, without accumulating any student debt.

Apprentices at Capgemini are part of a 300 strong community who have access to a variety of support not only through approved training providers, but industry experts and a centralised team that ensures they stay on the track. We also try to make sure that they have a good time while they’re on the programme. It’s challenging, but it’s also really rewarding

Our sessions with Ark aim to inspire and engage students and support those interested in applying to Capgemini’s Apprenticeship Programme.

We want to have the best people work here because our business and our product is our people. You have to find great people, you have to grow them and you have to let them be themselves, but also give them the training and tools they need. The apprentice programme enables us to do that.

We’re really pleased with the students we’ve worked with from Ark. We learn as much from them as they do from us and we really look forward to continuing to support this programme.

Ark is working strategically with a range of partners to increase the number of students accessing high quality apprenticeships with companies such as Capgemini, WhiteHat, Google, NHS, Civil Service, PwC and many more. If you are interested in working with us to promote your apprenticeship offer please get in touch with Emma Thomson, Partnerships Manager on