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Students in 13 schools across Ark are receiving A level and BTEC results today, and we will be sharing highlights here all day.

On A levels: As results are brought back in line with pre-Covid levels, Ark has seen improvements in all key measures compared to 2019 benchmarks. In particular, 56 percent of students received at least three grades at A* to C, up nine percentage points and 32 percent received at least three grades A* to B, up eight percentage points on 2019.

On BTECs: Ark has seen the number of students receiving top grades more than double (up from 3.5% in 2019 to 7.5% in 2023) with the pass rate remaining steady. Across the board, Ark students have significantly exceeded the national average at all BTEC grades (please note this refers only to the large applied general quals equivalent to three A levels).

These numbers are provisional at this stage and, in line with trends across England, Ark has seen a drop against last year’s results. We will be assessing performance in more detail over the coming days as well as learning more about the destinations of our pupils.

Victoria – AAA

Victoria Mokumo has achieved her dream of being the first generation in her family to attend a prestigious university. She’s heading to Oxford to study History with Foundation Year after gaining three A Grades in Government and Politics, History and Sociology. She is an Oxbridge Reuben bursary recipient, and is passionate about humanities and social sciences. She has taken on various student voice and leadership roles a Ark Acton, including UNICEF Ambassador, junior and senior prefect, student ambassador, captain of the debate team, house captain and has performed as part of the Ark Spark choir. Her teachers describe Vicky as “very ambitious, aspiring politician…her enthusiasm and drive to succeed is infectious, and she is an inspiration to many.”

Mustaf – A*A*A

Marshall Wace bursary awardee Mustaf Jino, from Ark Globe, is off to the University of Warwick to study Philosophy, Politics, and Economics after achieving a A*A*A in History, Government & Politics and Economics. Mustaf’s long-term goal is to be an MP and step through the doors of No 10 Downing Street as Prime Minister. Mustaf is a keen musician and often performs at school shows and represents the school in the broader community in debating. Mustaf is a competent and conscientious student described as “one of our highest-attaining students in the sixth form and is one of our shining stars of the future.”

Yassen – A*ABB

Yassen Ahmed from Ark Burlington Danes is thrilled after securing his place at the University of Oxford to study Medicine. He has also been given a Reuben Foundation Award bursary to help with the cost of his degree. Yaseen achieved A*ABB in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Psychology. He has a passion and talent for STEM and hopes to be a surgeon. He enjoyed achieving academically and gained a 9 in GCSE maths when he was in Year 9 and chose four A levels as he likes to push himself. Yaseen’s father’s and late grandfather’s dream was to build a clinic in their hometown in Bangladesh. Yaseen will be the first doctor in his family and hopes to fulfil their dreams and work in the NHS. “I would like to thank the support from the sixth form team and my class teachers for their expert advice, suggestions and help. They were really crucial to my success.”

Chevonne – AAB

After achieving AAB grades in English Literature, Sociology and Psychology, Chevonne Bailey from Ark Putney Academy will study Psychology at the University of Manchester. As the eldest of four, she’s the first person in her family to attend university. She wants to be a clinical psychologist to help diversify the sector and improve outcomes for black communities. Chevonne is Head Student and has held other roles including running the sixth-form book club. She’s a Marshall Wace bursary recipient. “I would like to thank my grandma for staying by my side throughout the whole process of A-levels.”


Talented musician Khushi Pathak from Ark Isaac Newton Academy will study Music at Royal Holloway. She’s a long-standing member of the school’s hip-hop brass band and participates in concerts every term. Her long-term goal is to be a music therapist and use her gift to support people. With a Marshall Wace bursary, she’ll use the funds to buy musical instruments and equipment. Khushi said, “I have been very well supported throughout everything and have the teachers to thank for where I have got to today. I am so happy to be going to study Music at university.” As a music specialist academy, it is great to see Khushi become our first student to study music at university.

Olivia – AAA

Olivia Hardinges, who started her journey at Ark Globe Academy Primary in 2009 when she joined Reception, is heading to study Law at The University of Nottingham after achieving an AAA in Government & Politics, History, and Sociology. Olivia says, “the subjects I enjoyed linked to Law as I was always better at humanities and interested in human rights”. Olivia’s mum, who worked in a law firm, is very proud of her for reaching her goals after Olivia told her in Year 10 that she wishes to study law in university. Olivia participated in a mentoring programme with Oxford University whilst attending Sixth Form which supported her to follow this pathway.

Rumaan – A*A*B

Rumaan Hussein, from Ark St Alban’s Academy, who achieved A*A*B in History, English Literature and Sociology is planning to study Occupational Therapy at Coventry University.

Jazib – Distinction

Jazib Muslim from Ark Putney is heading to the University of Leicester to study Medical Genetics after studying Chemistry, Maths and Biology and achieving a Distinction grade in Extended Certificate Sports Science. He’s on the student council and has held house captain and sports team captain roles. Jazib will be the first in his family to attend a UK university, and he’s a Marshall Wace bursary awardee. He says, “I am feeling very, very excited, I can’t quite believe I’m going to university.”

Jezzelle – D*D*D*

Jezzelle from Ark Elvin achieved the highest BTEC grade of D*D*D* in Applied Science and is going to University of Cardiff to study Biochemistry.

Urboshi – BBC

After gaining B, B, C grades in Chemistry, Psychology and Biology, aspiring doctor Urboshi Khan, from Ark Isaac Newton Academy, will study Biomedical Science at the Queen Mary University London. Urboshi moved to the UK in Year 9 and had to learn English to support her academic success. About her time at the academy, Urboshi said “I have had so much support from the school with learning the language and I am delighted to now be graduating to go to Queen Mary University London.” She supports her Bengali community at charitable events and volunteers to tutor children in English and maths. She is a Marshall Wace bursary recipient.

Katir – D*D*D*

Katir Ali from Ark St Alban’s Acdemy achieved the top grade of D*D*D* in the Extended Diploma in Applied Science (BTEC). He is planning to take up a degree apprenticeship with National Highways.

Maghfira – AAB

Maghfira Bekere from Ark Burlington Danes Academy achieved AAB in English Literature, Psychology and Government and Politics and will study Law at the University of Nottingham. Maghfia wants to advocate for those who are voiceless and subject to injustice. Maghfira is the first person in her family to attend university and is a Marshall Wace bursary recipient. “I am so grateful for all the support and encouragement I received from my teachers at BDA. They definitely played a big part in my success here in sixth form.”

Sujal – D*D*D*

Sujal from Ark Elvin Academy achieved D*D*D* in Btec IT and is going to study Computer Science at University of Lancaster.

Danyal – A*A*A*

In Summer of 2021 we first shared the successes of Danyal Khan’s GCSE results as the highest in the year group. During sixth form Danyal has given up so much of his time to mentor and provide classroom support to our younger students across maths and science subjects. He now celebrates A*A*A* in Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths and is off to study Maths at Warwick University. Danyal, who studied in Ark Putney Academy, says “I would really like to thank all my teachers who really helped me with my exam skills and prepping. I am so looking forward to University and I can’t wait to start my next chapter!”

Reece – A*AB

Reece Ohalloran from Ark Burlington Danes Academy, is attending Kings College London to study History after achieving A*AB in History, English Literature and Sociology. He wants to pursue a career in the civil service within diplomatic services. He wishes to pursue this career to improve the conditions and welfare of others. Reece has contributed to the school community since Year 7, attending student council meetings. He’s a Marshall Wace bursary recipient. “The true path to success involves having high ambition, a willingness to aim for perfection and to never accept failure or defeat.”

Radu – A*A*A*

Head Boy, Radu Pupazan, from Ark Globe Academy, who achieved A*A*A* in Economics, Government & Politics, and History, is planning to take up a place studying Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at a Russell Group university, the University of Sheffield. Radu arrived in the UK from Romania in 2018 and throughout his time at Ark Globe he displayed incredible leadership qualities, particularly in his proud capacity as Head Boy. He also demonstrated resilience and hard work, overcoming many obstacles, with English not being his first language. Not only did Radu win the whole school ‘balloon debate’ but he also received the Principal’s award this academic year in recognition for encompassing every element of our Culture Pyramid. He says, “I am proud of myself, but I am even prouder of the community for helping me.”

Yaseen – A*AB

With A*, A, B in Maths, Further Maths and Physics, Yaseen Alam from Ark Isaac Newton Academy will study Computing at Queen Mary University London. He is curious about Artificial Intelligence and wants to work in this field of science. Yaseen’s an active tutor at TeamUp, an organisation that brings together A level students to provide younger years with organised tutoring sessions and help Year 11 students improve their understanding of GCSE maths. He is a Marshall Wace bursary recipient.

Raluca – D*D*D*

Raluca from Ark Elvin Academy is off to Bath to study Psychology after achieving triple distinction* in Btec Applied Science.

Zaine – BBB

Zaine Cabey from Ark St Alban’s Academy is heading to Bangor University to study Marine Biology and Oceanography after achieving BBB in Biology, Geography and Chemistry. She also achieved the Marshall Wace bursary. She’s interested in working in microbiology or as a natural resource technician and specialising in studying sharks and molluscs. Zaine cares deeply about having a career where she can help solve environmental issues and has been part of a project to increase the bee population.

Yassin – AAA

Yassin from Ark Burlington Danes Academy is headed to Queen Mary University to study Economics, Statistics and Mathematics.

Paige – D*D*D*

Paige from Ark Burlington Danes is heading to the University of Surrey and will study Sport and Exercise Science.