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Profile17th June 2024

Tyronne Fisher – from student to governor

Meet Tyronne Fisher, Chair of Governors at Ark Burlington Danes, and an alumnus of the school. He shares what excites him about supporting students at his old school.

“I was a student at Burlington Danes before it transitioned into an Ark school. As a governor, I aim to bring a different perspective to the governing body that reflects my community. Diversity and inclusion play a crucial role in decision-making, and being a voice for those who may not have had representation before is a key aspect of my role.

“The most rewarding part of being a governor is witnessing success stories—seeing students achieve great things and knowing I can directly impact the school. Working alongside a young and ambitious principal adds to the excitement, especially during times of positive progress and academic achievements.

“Guidance and various educational opportunities during my student years were vital in shaping my career. The support I received from teachers in key subjects and their help securing work experience placements highlighted the significant difference committed teachers and support can make. However, it’s clear that the support available at the time didn’t work for everyone. Some of my peers struggled; unfortunately, a few ended up on difficult paths. This situation really showed me the need for schools to offer varied and flexible support for all kinds of students.

“After integrating into the Ark network, the school has seen notable advancements, especially in career guidance and post-16 education support. Now, the school invests significantly in offering diverse opportunities and choices for students, acknowledging that traditional academic routes might only be suitable for some.

“From my days as a student to now being a governor, I’ve always wanted to make a real difference in how things are done at Ark Burlington Danes and positively impact the students’ experiences. As a governor, I aim to be a critical friend to the school – offering constructive feedback, challenging the status quo when necessary, and supporting the school in identifying and implementing effective strategies for improvement and growth. This involves actively listening to the needs and concerns of both staff and students and collaborating to find innovative solutions that enhance the educational experience for everyone involved.

“For those considering becoming a school governor, get involved fully! Embed yourself within the school, engage with the community, and be prepared to contribute your time and effort. It’s not just about attending meetings; it’s about actively participating, understanding the needs of students and staff, and being a part of important decisions that shape the school’s future.”

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