ARK Tindal students learn to tweet

Tuesday 3rd June 2014

If you have ever felt bewildered using social media, then it may not make you feel better to know that a group of 7 year-old students at one of ARK's academies are already on their way to becoming Twitter experts.

Year 2 pupils at ARK Tindal Primary Academy in Birmingham have been learning how to tweet as part of a classroom lesson on communications. "As part of our language and literacy work, we've been doing a unit about communications and we made a list together of all the different ways of communicating," said Ms Texeira, the year 2 teacher. "They already knew all about social media; Twitter, Viber, Facebook."

Ms Texeira wanted to challenge her students to create communications that were precise and succinct, and Twitter, with its limitation of 144 characters for every message, seemed like the perfect vehicle. The pupils wrote their tweets out on paper, and then their teacher used Tindal's Twitter account to send out the actual messages. "They were editing their sentences, counting characters," said Ms Texeira. "It was really good for their English skills."

The students then watched with pride as their tweets went out to the school's followers. "Does that mean the whole world is reading our tweets?" asked one student.

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