Ark thanks donors on Giving Tuesday 2023

Tuesday 28th November 2023
Ark Walworth at UKSA


We know that our schools and the families they serve are at the forefront of the cost-of-living crisis, and that tight budgets mean extra activities and improvements are often sacrificed. Where we can, we are working with funders, partners and volunteers to ensure our schools continue to be dynamic and enriching spaces for students to enjoy every day.

We’re very grateful to everyone who helps makes this possible – both our long-term supporters as well as those who are giving towards targeted projects. Through this support, our schools have been able to improve their facilities, purchase musical instruments, increase mental health provision, and so much more. Every donation, big or small, has made a difference in helping meet the needs of our schools in 2023 and beyond.

This Giving Tuesday we want to say thank you to all those who have contributed to Ark’s work to ensure that all our students, regardless of their backgrounds, have access to an amazing education and real choices in life. It doesn’t happen without help, so from all of us at Ark, thank you.

Raheem Sterling at Ark Acton
Woodland Trust at Ark Tindal


Since the beginning of this academic year alone we have received support to:

  • Transform music rooms in multiple schools with brand-new instruments and equipment to enable outstanding music provision and tuition
  • Refurbish and fill libraries with books to ensure that students have access to a range of subjects, as well as a space to study quietly
  • Embed specialist mental health provision within the school timetable to ensure that one-to-one intervention is available, not just for students, but for our teachers too
  • Provide tutoring targeted at those most at risk of exclusion and missing out on maths and English before leaving school
  • Purchase playground equipment to improve outdoor facilities and develop teaching areas beyond the classroom
  • Plant trees to improve the air quality in our schools, and to promote environmental awareness
  • Provide coaches, referees and even entertainment for students during network-wide sports competitions
  • Set up chess clubs in primary schools where there are high numbers of pupils eligible for free school meals
  • Send Year 6 students on a residential – a first for many and an opportunity to enjoy fun, high-octane activities whilst creating memories for a lifetime
  • Set up community meals for our schools and their local communities in the coldest months of the year.

We are so grateful to our many supporters, both long-standing patrons and those who are new to our work, who have enabled this work to happen in our schools so far this academic year, including:

  • Blaine Tomlinson
  • Department for Education
  • The Henry Smith Charity
  • The Hobson Charity
  • HR Taylor Charitable Trust
  • Lang Lang International Music Foundation
  • QPR Community Foundation
  • The Raheem Sterling Foundation
  • Restore the Music
  • The Reuben Foundation
  • St Marylebone Educational Foundation
  • Tesco Stronger Starts
  • The Tim Henman Foundation
  • Walcot Foundation
  • The Woodland Trust
Football tournament at QPR

Thank you, also, to the many more individuals, corporates and foundations that contribute to the work that Ark does to support our students and our schools every year.

We know there is more to do and we will continue to work with you to identify the areas where you can make the most difference.

If you would like to find out more about the ways that you can support our schools, please get in touch. You can also donate now to meet an immediate need in one of our schools or through one of our programmes.

Holly Mumford
Head of Development