Students gain insight on how to break into healthcare industry

Monday 27th January 2020

Students from Ark schools came together to receive top tips and study tricks from former students now in medical-based courses and careers.

More than 60 students attended the Project Healthcare Launch in Kings Cross, on Wednesday (22 January), to gain insight on how to break into the industry and the range of options that are open to them.

Olufunke Moronfolu, who studied at Ark Elvin Academy in Wembley, said she was always encouraged to pursue medicine by her family and teachers. However, when she began studying the course she realised it wasn’t for her.

The 20-year-old said: "When I was small all I kept on hearing was 'you should do medicine'. I felt like I was conditioned to do it. I always wanted to help others, but when we started working with patients, we had to go quite in-depth with how they were feeling.

"I think most people don't realise that medicine is really emotionally draining.

“I left and went on to study biomedical science at Kings College and I love what I am doing now.”

Isaac Newton Academy (INA) student, Shaan Johol, attended the Project Healthcare Launch to support her medicine application to Queen Mary University.

The year 12 student has always fostered a desire to help people struggling with their health, but she also wanted to break down the gender stereotype within the profession.

"Women get that you can be a nurse or a midwife, but when you say you want to be a doctor, people are taken back. It was great seeing young, powerful women who studied at Ark doing what I want to do."

Shaan said throughout her schooling experience, INA has supported her career goals.

"The school is amazing, the support I have received is second to none. The workload is more, but it's for the better. The school have given us a good stepping stone because they listen to you and tailor your learning for what you want to do."

Project Healthcare is the sister programme to Project Oxbridge, which was launched last year. The programme aims to help sixth form students to achieve their ambitions of pursuing a career in the health sector.

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