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Ark Music

Music is a core part of life in many of our schools. Designed to build confidence, ability and harness a life-long love of a variety of music, the Ark Music programme offers a wealth of experience for all pupils at all levels.
Students performing at Ark’s annual Music Gala

We firmly believe in the potential of all children to be musicians. Our aim is to enable our pupils to find, explore and develop their creative voice. We strive to offer every child in our network a joyful and well-rounded music education as performers, creators, discerning listeners and connected members of a creative community.

If it weren’t for all the opportunities and training over the years there’s no way I would be where I’ve got to today. I have been singing in a choir since I was in Year 2 and playing guitar for over a decade. I’m thrilled now to be working with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. ​

Hana was a student at Ark Academy and a member of the English National Opera’s children’s chorus. In 2023 she gained an offer from Oxford University to study Law.

We know schools are powerful agents of social change and the best point of access for most children.

Our network-wide programme has three key objectives:

  1. Give every child in an Ark school access to high quality music-making opportunities through curriculum and enrichment provision that embrace a breadth of musical traditions and create pathways for progression.
  2. Develop a diverse and impactful education workforce, equipping teachers and Artist educators with the pedagogical skills and tools that will enable them to deliver at their best and meet the needs of each learner.
  3. Build musical communities within and between schools, in which both pupils and teachers can grow, contribute and succeed.

We’re defying national trends for music

We are seeing the difference Ark Music is making to our students’ enjoyment and ambitions.

  • Ark students are now twice as likely to take Music GCSE than students nationally (10 percent compared to 5 nationally).
  • 16 Ark students are currently part of the National Youth Choir of Great Britain making us the most represented organisation nationally.
  • 90 percent of teachers believe that the music programme is increasing students’ confidence and self-esteem.
  • 100 percent of teachers believe this programme provides opportunities for students that wouldn’t otherwise be available to them.

Help make music accessible to all

Find out how you can partner with us to provide music-making opportunities and development programmes for all Ark students.