VIDEO: See deliberate practice in knowledge-rich lessons in action

Friday 29th June 2018
Deliberate practice in knowledge-rich lessons

The video below features Ark Academy teacher, Sophie Vellacott, demonstrating how to deliver a knowledge-rich lesson.

The checklist for delivering a knowledge-rich lesson is also below:

  • Determine the specific knowledge you need to teach
  • Plan a clear sequence of instruction and practice that consolidates and builds students' knowledge throughout the lesson
  • Break content knowledge into bite-size pieces and plan mini-activities for students to practice that content
  • Prepare materials in advance (chart paper, knowledge organiser, etc)
  • Interleave previously learned content into questions about new content
  • After teaching content, ask "thinking questions" that depend on the knowledge you just taught
  • Get students to work together and challenge one another in order to practice new content.

Download the checklist here: PDF icon Delivering a knowledge-rich lesson.pdf

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