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News15th May 2014

Star drummer inspires young musicians at ARK Tindal Primary

Jeff Rich, the drummer from rock band Status Quo recently visited Ark Tindal Primary Academy to share his musical skill and knowledge of percussion, performing a musical workshop with teachers and students. Mr Rich introduced the school to his collection of 250 instruments, from which everyone had the opportunity to learn and play something new. Having developed rhythmic skills during the session, pupils concluded with a group performance accompanied by virtuosic drum kit improvisation from the renowned drummer.

For year 3 and 4 students who participate in weekly djembe drumming classes as part of the Ark Schools Music Programme, it was an inspiration to see a famous performer playing the instrument they are learning; watching Mr Rich’s skill and musicality gives them an insight into what they might be able to achieve if they continue to pursue music. For younger students it’s a glimpse into the world of music available to them. Ad’am from year 1 said “Wow, that was amazing, I want to play the drums!”

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