School and network programmes

We want our students to achieve great exam results and, at the same time, build resilience, independence and character. We work hard to balance the two things: helping our students to master the core subjects, and encouraging them to develop other skills that will allow them to flourish in the wider world. 

To achieve this, we run programmes within our schools to ensure that all of our students have access to excellent teaching, as well as outstanding enrichment activities - from our corporate mentoring programmes to our suite of inspirational music showcase events. Our school programmes ensure that Ark students' educational needs and interests are identified early and comprehensively supported; our partner programmes have offered opportunities from corporate mentoring with top firms to outdoor adventure experiences; and our successful summer school partnership with Phillips Exeter Academy, New Hampshire, has given students the chance to experience independent study in the US for free.

How our students do when they are in school is only part of the story. It's just as important to us that they leave school with the skills, knowledge and insight to make ambitious choices about their future.


Birth to five is a critical period in a child’s development, and their education. The achievement gap is evident in cognitive tests conducted as early as 22 months and from there, the gap widens.

Access to a great nursery education can ensure that every child, regardless of their background, is set up for success in school and beyond. Ark Start is a pilot programme,drawing on our early years experience and currently working inpartnership with threeArk schools, to set up flexible, affordable nurseries.

Ark Start’s vision is to create nurturing environments that emphasise joy, creativity, play and independence, led by qualified teachers and highly-trained staff.

Ark Teacher Training is an ‘Outstanding’ school-based two-year Initial Teacher Training programme that allows graduates and career changers to train on the job and learn from a network of education experts. You’ll be based in a school from day one, having an impact straight away, but we won’t throw you in at the deep end. You’ll be supported every step of the way by your dedicated tutor, in-school coach and cohort of fellow trainees. The programme provides a balance of theory and practice and at the end of you first year you’ll earn QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) and a PGCE. The perfect start to a successful and rewarding career in teaching.

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Music is a core part of life in many of our schools. Designed to build confidence, ability and harness a life-long love of a variety of music, the Ark Music Programme offers a wealth of experience for all pupils at all levels.

By the age of three, children from more disadvantaged backgrounds have heard around 30 million fewer words than children from affluent families – or 1,400 words fewer per hour. Children in the UK from low income backgrounds are 19 months behind their peers when they start primary school.

That's why Ark has developed focused early intervention programmes to help break this cycle. Working in partnership with ICAN, Ark has developed the Oral Language Programme (OLP) to foster better communication and literacy skills from an early age.

We know there is much more to student success than passing exams. We work to find ways to help pupils develop the knowledge, experience and skills that will enable them to succeed at university, in an apprenticeship and beyond into the world of work.

To support our schools, teachers and students with this work, we often partner with businesses, universities and other third sector organisations. It’s all part of our mission to make sure that every student has the choice of going to university or into a career that's right for them.


For the first time at Ark Teacher Training we are opening our exciting NQT Programme to schools outside of the Ark Network. If you would like to find out more or discuss programme costs, please contact us. The programme is available to schools in Greater London, Birmingham, Portsmouth and East Sussex.

All early career teachers are entitled to structured training and support, allowing them to thrive in the profession. Our evidence-based NQT Programme will ensure your school offers the best provision and is well placed to meet the expectations set out in the Early Careers Framework.